I’m on a Boat: Nueva’s Junior Prom

Jun 3, 2016 | Events, Features

On the 14th of May, Juniors gathered at the Bay Meadows campus before boarding buses to San Francisco. Parents and students took photos and talked as music played. Wearing elegant tuxedos, suits, and dresses, students smiled. After an hour of festivities at the Bay Meadows campus, classmates and teachers excitedly boarded the buses and left for Pier 40. Nolan M. said, “It was cool to see everyone dress up. It was a nice start to our night.”

Despite arriving too early to board the boat, students had fun walking around the Embarcadero. Some went all the way to AT&T park. However, soon they all gathered at the pier again, ready to hop on the boat. Students walked side-by-side down the dock, talking excitedly as the captain welcomed them on the boat. Although a bit rocky at the pier, the boat was soon cruising smoothly as dinner was served.

It was beautiful out at the bay while eating with our friends. We saw cute dolphins!

- Jenna L.

After enjoying dinner, music started playing and students gathered on the lower level to dance and to talk around the dessert table. Some students stayed on the upper level deck to watch the Bay Bridge. As the boat sailed along the bay, sights such as Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge were visible. Cruising particularly close to Alcatraz, students and teachers took out cameras to take pictures of the island. Under the Golden Gate Bridge, people hurried towards the windows to catch a glimpse of dolphins swimming next

to the boat. Jenna L. said, “It was beautiful out at the bay while eating with our friends. We saw cute dolphins!”

The whole night, students danced and spent time with their friends. As a dance with almost only 11th graders, students reminisced about their dances from 9th grade before other students came. Chace P. reflected, “It was so much fun dancing with all my friends. The Junior class is really tight, and it really fun to bond together as a grade before we enter Senior year.”