In defense of Valentine’s Day

Yes, Valentine’s Day is commercialized. We still celebrate love.

COVID-19 sent fossil fuel prices plummeting—will it permanently change the energy landscape?

The Director of Environmental Citizenship shares what the energy world may be like post-COVID-19, and a possible plan for future sustainability.

COVID-19 canceled the SAT—it should stay canceled

The stress, bias, and competition of standardized testing just isn’t worth it


Who is Post Malone?

In this piece, junior Quincy A. (class of 2020) looks at the role of rapper Post Malone in American culture, particularly the white privilege that got Malone where he is today and how listening to his music indicates and affects who we are as listeners.

STEMinism at Nueva

Here, sophomore Amanda W. and freshman Antonetta T. (class of 2021 and 2022, respectively) report on gender discrimination and the role of women in our STEM classrooms.


Freshman Callisto Lodwick (class of 2022) argues that French should be taught at Nueva on the basis of its utility and abundant student interest.

Hugh Jackman Can Act?!

A review of the new Wolverine movie, starring Hugh Jackman. The review is written by senior Ethan W. (class of 2018), with a focus on the lack of explanation of the film’s plot and the meaningful acting by the star.

Join the 90s with The people vs. OJ Simpson

A thoughtful, interesting review by senior Ethan W. (class of 2018) of the new show following the trial of OJ Simpson. The review addresses generational gaps and systemic racism in the judicial system.

Why I'm Glad Trump Defunded California

In this piece, editor Scott B. (class of 2018) examines how cuts or elimination of federal funding could reduce extrajudicial and police violence in California and could bring us a step closer to a peaceful law enforcement system.

Star Wars Goes Rogue

An insightful review of the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, by senior Aiden H. (class of 2018). 

La La Lame

A review of the famous musical movie La La Land by senior Aiden H. (class of 2018), examining the possibility that the movie is too positively acclaimed as compared to other deserving movies. 

The Rather Abysmal Wall

A thoughtful review of Matt Damon’s new movie, The Great Wall, by senior Ricardo G. (class of 2018), who focuses on the whitewashing and acting abilities of the cast.