n chemistry class with Véronique Moussez, I no longer find the molar mass of copper on the periodic table: instead, I check le tableau périodique pour la masse molaire atomique du cuivre. It’s been a...

STEMinism at Nueva

When upper school associate biology and Interdisciplinary Studies of Science (ISoS) teacher Jehnna Ronan was a junior at Harvard University, she took an upper level science course taught by a male professor who often gave the impression that he favored male-identifying students in the classroom.

Who is Post Malone?

Since its inception in the late 70s, hip-hop has been a popular way to spread a message and stand up to an oppressive power. It was popular because listeners could relate to songs’ messages, messages that they couldn’t say. That was then. Today, with its mass appeal to white audiences, it has moved further from its social justice roots. White artists have become successful in a black art form, resulting in the whitewashing of the industry and fan base. White rappers have pushed black artists out of their own art form, and young white people have supported them in doing this.