Chung Dam Restaurant: a delicious junction for Korean culinary traditionalists and Silicon Valley

t’s wise to make a reservation ahead of time if you decide to go to Chung Dam. It’s one of Silicon Valley’s many Korean restaurants, located near a bubble of tech giant campuses. Serving both lunch and...

We need a dance dance revolution

T he multipurpose rooms on the first floor are always covered by removable carpet. Little do most students know, the actual floor of those classrooms has, unlike any other, hardwood flooring—the ideal surface for dance classes. In fact, these rooms were originally...

For the foodies: Hillsdale Mall

I t is no secret that Nueva students love food. Lunch periods begin with a stampede to the cafe. Bags of bread get emptied by the end of each day. This year, new panini presses were even hauled into the Café. Lockers are stuffed to the brim with snacks.  Students also...

13 Reasons why I hate 13 Reasons Why

B ack in 2017, Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” was so controversial that schools sent out emails about it, warning families that the show might not be appropriate for teens. Two years later, Netflix released the third season and announced the show’s renewal for a fourth. I...

A night of Nueva art and performances

he coffeehouse started with upbeat jazz and string lights, just like the first. The school’s characteristic couches, scattered around the WRC, housed a few dozen students; others sat on the floor or stood...

Welcome to B Street Books

F rom his perch on a black swivel chair, Lew Cohen greets everyone who walks into downtown San Mateo’s B Street Books.“Hi, hello,” he says. “Are you looking for anything in particular? Well, if you need help, just yell at me.”It was May and a brightly-colored bunting...

Steel drum band plays for NAIS and Disneyland

D eparting the San Mateo campus at 1 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 27, the steel drum band rode down to Anaheim, California, in a big tour bus, listening to rap music to pass time during the seven-and-a-half-hour drive. After being accepted to perform at the 2019 National...

Two new films about Ruth Bader Ginsburg reveal her continued impact on pop culture

“How do you justify taking a spot from a qualified man?” In 1956, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was at dinner with the eight other female students out of a class of 500, when the current dean of Harvard Law School, Erwin Griswold, asked the women this question. It’s a scene...

Art and artists: can and should we separate them?

A t the first dance of the school year, a song begins to play and the room goes quiet. It happens slowly, starting at the center of the room and spreading to the edges. The song opens with heavy bass, mournful synth, and brooding lyrics. People sit down, cross-legged...



The Nueva steel drum band, led by music teacher Jim Munzenrider, performs at Disneyland as a preface for the NAIS after winning a competition to perform.


An examination of the cultural impact of the two new films on Justice Ginsburg. 

Finding the Perfect Pitch

The Nueva Soundwave explore a capella and attempt to improve their abilities with Deke Sharon, composer for the Pitch Perfect films’ soundtracks.

Coffeehouse celebrates art and music

The first biannual Nueva Coffeehouse features performances from various writers, artists, and musicians.

What's Cookin'?

A profile on Nueva student chef Merix G., as he explains his Quest for this year and how his heritage has informed his cooking.

Cliché or Replay?

A review and comparison of three films—The Kissing Booth, Sierra Burgess is a Loser, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before—that examines their cultural impacts and their history.

Parade Musical

A review of and advertisement for Parade, an upcoming Nueva musical.

Nueva Soundwaves

An introduction of the Nueva Soundwaves, a new school organization of a capella singers.