Traumazine is Megan Thee Stallion’s renaissance

Rarely does an album emerge that transcends time and convention. When albums are released, they are often tailored for a specific period in the artist’s life, a reference point that is exhausted alarmingly quickly due to over-saturation (Think, Adele’s 30 or Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy). But not Megan Thee Stallion’s most recent—and authentic—album to date, Traumazine.

Where plant-based meals are elevated beyond tofu and beans

Wildseed SF offers innovative take on vegetarian and vegan foods in the comfort of spacious and comfortable outdoor dining.

Apps to help you thrive during remote learning and shelter-in-place

Here’s a list of apps and websites that cover everything from managing screen time, improving focus and productivity, getting social with friends, staying healthy and active at home, practicing mindfulness, and learning new things.

10 video games to enjoy with friends during quarantine

While social distancing continues, why not connect with friends through an online setting? These multiplayer games provide a wild mix of worlds to hike, creatures to comfort, and villages to construct that will last you hours of playtime.

Malady Media

As I grapple with newfound free time from reclaimed hours of commute and the sudden absence of extracurriculars, I’ve found myself on a desperate, constant search for new things to read and watch. Of course, some of what I’ve found myself looking for has been simple...

Celebrity livestreams to watch while social distancing

While the world practices social distancing, we’ve been invited into the private homes of celebrities; John Legend, Lizzo, Hozier, Ellen DeGeneres and more entertainers have taken to social media to connect with their isolated fans. Take a look at some of our favorite...

Ending in a mediocre place

t’s possible that The Good Place is one of the only shows in recent years to address such a difficult task as answering the question “What happens after we die?” with nuance, humor, and just the right...

An adaptation that elevates print: Just Mercy is emotionally evocative and raw

N early two dozen eager but slightly skeptical faces greet attorney Bryan Stevenson when he visits client Walter McMillian’s family in his book Just Mercy. Stevenson dedicates his time to answering their questions and listening to their concerns of Walter being on...

Successful steel drums program continues to develop

On Feb. 16, 19 students and five chaperones from the steel drum band boarded a flight to St. Lucia to practice and learn from Andy Narell, a world-renowned steel drum musician. Led by music director of 16 years, Jim M., this is the latest step in the immense expansion...

Exploring the music of the Civil Rights Movement

artin Luther King Jr. Day has historically been celebrated over one full day at the Upper School, but this year’s programming—focused on the music of the civil rights movement—was spread out over one week....



The Nueva steel drum band, led by music teacher Jim Munzenrider, performs at Disneyland as a preface for the NAIS after winning a competition to perform.


An examination of the cultural impact of the two new films on Justice Ginsburg. 

Finding the Perfect Pitch

The Nueva Soundwave explore a capella and attempt to improve their abilities with Deke Sharon, composer for the Pitch Perfect films’ soundtracks.

Coffeehouse celebrates art and music

The first biannual Nueva Coffeehouse features performances from various writers, artists, and musicians.

What's Cookin'?

A profile on Nueva student chef Merix G., as he explains his Quest for this year and how his heritage has informed his cooking.

Cliché or Replay?

A review and comparison of three films—The Kissing Booth, Sierra Burgess is a Loser, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before—that examines their cultural impacts and their history.

Parade Musical

A review of and advertisement for Parade, an upcoming Nueva musical.

Nueva Soundwaves

An introduction of the Nueva Soundwaves, a new school organization of a capella singers.