Spirit Week

May 15, 2016 | Events, Features

Water balloons fly, and donuts get downed by the dozen. Students cheer on their fellow teammates as they work together in a game of tug of war. Even the teachers smile as they watch the students compete. Thursday, May 11th was advisory color day, and the competition level was high. All advisories partook in competitive events to win a pizza party on Thursday. Each group consisted of three advisories, one from each grade, and were assigned a specific color for their team. As tenth grader Cindy J. remarked, “There is so much school spirit and team

spirit, and everybody is working together in their advisories and having a good time. It’s super fun like friendly competition; it’s super cool.” Leo V. and Shiley E. worked together to secure second place for the purple team in a donut eating competition. Ninth-grader Angus Z. leapt across the field in a potato sack, bringing the orange team into first place. The activity ended with a victory for the orange team, who came into first place for every event, and tug-of-war between the different grades.

I dressed up as someone who runs away from their problems because that is definitely a sport.

- Pooja T.

Aside from the spirited advisory games on Thursday, Chace P. along with Spirit and Social set up multiple themed dress-up days and a fun event for every day of Spirit Week. On Monday, each student had the opportunity to dress up as their favorite sports player while enjoying a lunch concert hosted by eleventh-grader Josh R.. Along with Josh performing his own masterpiece, the classical music ensemble played several pieces with Kameron D. on piano, Gabrielle B. on violin, and Natalie F. on cello. Everyone truly enjoyed the performances. Eleventh-grader, Pooja T., jokingly stated: “I dressed up as someone who runs away from their problems because that is definitely a sport.”

The following day, students were asked to wear a costume that resembled one of their favorite visual puns, and had the chance to play dodgeball during lunch. For those who wanted to get in touch with their wild side, students could dress up as any animal on Wednesday. As the week came to an end, students could ease into the weekend in their pajamas on Friday. Spirit Week ended with a bang as avid students put their heart and soul into a lip sync battle that took place in the cafe at lunch.