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Why teachers share their political opinions

In a relaxed school environment like Nueva’s, it’s not uncommon for teachers to foster energetic political discussion amongst their students, a practice which has even manifested at a school-wide level through special events centered around topics like practicing civil discourse. This is intended to give students a platform to express their opinions and learn how to engage in tough conversations with their peers, as well as build trust and create a “safe space.”

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Robotics team wins prestigious regional award

This year, despite their constant hard work and enthusiasm, none of the members of Team 4904: Bot-Provoking were expecting to receive the Chairman’s Award at this year’s San Francisco Regional, especially after the competition season ground to a disappointing halt following the shift to remote learning and the cancellation of this year’s challenge.

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Whatever Happened to Bay Meadows’ Nuevan Dream?

When the Upper School campus first opened, Bay Meadows headlined it as “A dream come true.” When we’re all so disconnected from our community in Bay Meadows, now is the time to see if the dream of a neighborhood full of lively and academic students has stood the test of time.

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