Dear student, the Supreme Court regrets to inform you…

As Oct. 31 ushers in a landmark race-based affirmative action Supreme Court hearing, college counselors and upper school students brace for its impact By Isabella X.  I. Nationwide college counseling prepares for potential ramifications In 2014, the nonprofit Students...

Why teachers share their political opinions

In a relaxed school environment like Nueva’s, it’s not uncommon for teachers to foster energetic political discussion amongst their students, a practice which has even manifested at a school-wide level through special events centered around topics like practicing civil discourse. This is intended to give students a platform to express their opinions and learn how to engage in tough conversations with their peers, as well as build trust and create a “safe space.”

Robotics team wins prestigious regional award

This year, despite their constant hard work and enthusiasm, none of the members of Team 4904: Bot-Provoking were expecting to receive the Chairman’s Award at this year’s San Francisco Regional, especially after the competition season ground to a disappointing halt following the shift to remote learning and the cancellation of this year’s challenge.


A Passing of the dungeon Master torch

As the longest-running D&D game at Nueva wraps up, this article looks to the future of the D&D campaign this group of teachers looks forward to.

Art and Artists—should we separate them?

In the wake of the death of famous artist XXXTentacion, this article examines the controversy around musical artists.

Taking Flight: the journey to college

Written by a senior, this article follows the variations between classes as they apply to college and graduate, especially the growing intensity around the college process.

STEMinism at Nueva

The student body may be almost 50-50, but why are there so few women in STEM at Nueva—including the faculty? How can we work to support our female students?

Coffeehouse Celebrates art and music

This is a look at the first ever Nueva coffeehouse and the stellar performances by Nueva’s musicians.

A sweet emptiness

How much of our motivation to go out to museums, to hang out with our friends, is fueled by social media? How much of our lives are based around photo ops?

Nueva Re-branding

Nueva’s undergone a serious rebrand in the past year. How and why has this happened? Here are your answers.

The difficulty of defining internet addiction

What does it mean, in this day and age, to be addicted to the internet? And what impacts is this going to have on our lives?

The value of the Nueva internship program

Students have spent their summers at valuable internships gaining work experience.