Star Wars goes Rogue

Feb 14, 2017 | Opinion, Reviews

After this movie’s huge success, I’m pretty sure we can guarantee a Star Wars movie every year until the end of time. Rogue One gets a head start on most competition by simply having the name “Star Wars” tacked on. And beyond that this movie is pretty awesome in its own right.

This movie delivers some of the best action I have seen since Mad Max. Seriously, it’s like they gave the action from Return of the Jedi a shining new paint job and updated it for the modern era. The space battles, the set pieces, the fighting going on the ground, it’s all there in brilliant fashion.

It almost outweighs some of the flaws the movie faces in terms of the pesky “characters” and “plot” that always gets in the way of our beloved action movies.

The characters are enjoyable, especially the side characters when it gets into some of the action, but the leads especially feel somewhat bland. There wasn’t much depth to them and very little time was given to really get into their motivations. But everything is bearable and often you just forget about the shortcomings this movie has in the character department while watching the glorious battle scenes.

The story is fine, not too many layers, but appropriately smaller than your average Star Wars movie due to its status as “spinoff”. At the end, you will see some awesome action, including the most badass Darth Vader scene you will ever see, and be mildly entertained by the story and characters. See this movie if you’re in the mood for some awesome space battles and original trilogy nostalgia.

This movie delivers some of the best action I have seen since Mad Max.