La La Lame?

Feb 16, 2017 | Opinion, Reviews

Is there too much hype around La La Land?

It’s the movie that’s supposed to win… everything. With a whopping 7 Golden Globe wins, it seems like nothing can stop this movie’s rapid climb to the top of everyone’s Best Picture picks. But in truth, it may not be everything it’s cracked up to be.

Does it have awesome music? Yes. Does it have beautiful sets and camerawork? Without a doubt. But when you remove even one of those aspects, the movie seems to get a lot worse.

Behind the magnificent visuals and beautifully composed songs lies a movie that feels aggressively average—nothing more than an upbeat romantic comedy. There seems to be a constant struggle between the standard rom-com and the musical aspects that tell a much more abstract, meaningful story.

When the musical aspects take over, this film certainly deserves the Oscar hype it’s getting. The beginning and ending both give in to the movie’s grand “Old Hollywood” style in stunning

Is there too much hype around La La Land?

fashion, and it leaves the viewer wishing the whole movie felt like that. Despite this, it continually returns to the reality that a big budget movie has to keep the general audiences in the loop, and gives them something that demands less thought.

Even so, the film is still very entertaining and shines through with sheer genius in its musical storyline. I recommend this movie as a good way to jump into awards season while also receiving a big dose of lighthearted, musical fun.