2 Treasure-laying Easter mascot
8 The Sultan or a citizen, of the Arab country at the mouth of the Persian Gulf bordering Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates
10 Distinct physical trait of 2-Across
12 “Who’s it ___?”
13 Out’s counterpart
14 Look, maybe
15 Abbr. after some corporation names, with “C”
16 Oedipus’ female counterpart, as complex
18 UMich’s longtime rival
20 A hand : A finger :: A foot : ___
21 Archaeological or digital place
23 Romania’s ISO country code derived from its Fr. name
25 “The ___ all…” (first part of a Shakespeare quote)
27 A type of campaign disaster, maybe
28 Video game following outlaw Arthur Morgan in fictionalized Wild West, abbr. 
29 Currently, in acronymic text lingo
30 Fine or toll
31 “And yes,” in Italian
32 Prefix to “-ton” or “-ectomy,” from Greek word meaning “soft, pasty”
34 New ___, India

1 Victims of April pranks, maybe
2 Undergraduate degree not of the Science variety
3 Type of government action some say could help COVID-19 pandemic
4 Date of this year’s spring solstice, with “March”
6 Lead-in to “-day” or the less common “-year”
7 Easter’s ___ hunt
9 Counterpart to Ms.
11 ___ Lingus
12 Bloomed
17 Prefix meaning “jointly”
19 Password’s partner
22 Singular of “are”
24 Web browser released before even Internet Explorer
26 Metric m.’s imperial almost equivalent
30 Periodic iron
33 Informal greeting, now at a distance