Varsity girls volleyball starts off undefeated

Oct 12, 2019 | Sports, Volleyball


his year’s volleyball season started off on Sept. 5 with a decisive win against Eastside Preparatory 25-3 in one set during the home spirit game. A week later, they defeated Design Tech, beating them 25-2 in one of three total sets.

Coached by Janelle Burnett, who’s worked with the upper school team for three years and previously played volleyball herself, the team had a largely undefeated start to the season. 

The varsity girls volleyball team is led by returning captains Piper Holland ‘20 and Paige Mountanos ‘21. The team has two seniors, three juniors, four sophomores, and one freshman. With a total of 10 players stretching across all four grades, the varsity volleyball team only has one new recruit this year after losing two players.

The team roster is the same as last year with the addition of Isabella Yalif ‘23, who brings previous experience to the team.

“Isabella is a great addition. She plays high-level club, so she just fits right in,” Burnett said.  

Yalif said the season has been amazing, and that she’s learned a lot.

“It’s been a really great season so far even though it’s only my first year playing. I’ve already had such a great time with the team,” Yalif said. 

Since the team is mostly returning players, the varsity girls already have a bond.

“Our team already has amazing chemistry,” said Mountanos, who has been playing varsity since freshman year. 

Watching the varsity volleyball game makes me excited about the future of Nueva volleyball

Kayla Hwong '23

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The varsity volleyball team stands in third behind Summit Shasta and University Prep Academy  in the PSAL Volleyball standings. This year, the team’s biggest competitor is Summit Shasta, a charter high school in Daly City, against whom they lost to in a five-game match on Sept. 24.

They are currently in second place behind Daly City school in the Bay conference of the Private School Athletic League.

After their two wins and one loss, the varsity volleyball team is striving to get better to become first place overall and practices every day after school from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., strategizing, practicing, and conditioning.

Watching the varsity makes me want to play better so I can play with them someday. It just makes me so excited to watch them and think I have the chance to be that talented.

Calder Burkhart '23

“I look forward to practice most days because it’s a chance for us to get better, and it’s usually pretty fun,” Mountanos said. 

This year, the volleyball team is playing in the PSAL-Bay, which Burnett described as a “much tougher conference than last year.” Even with the extra challenge of the tougher conference, the team is still dominating most games in and out of the league.