For the foodies: Hillsdale Mall

Oct 9, 2019 | Culture, Food, Opinion, Reviews


t is no secret that Nueva students love food. Lunch periods begin with a stampede to the cafe. Bags of bread get emptied by the end of each day. This year, new panini presses were even hauled into the Café. Lockers are stuffed to the brim with snacks. 

Students also frequent locations off-campus to satisfy their cravings, stopping at Tin Pot for ice cream on the way to Hillsdale Station or braving a much longer journey to the Habit Burger Grill. As students begin to take advantage of their open-campus privileges and more extracurriculars prompt them to stay near campus after school, they will likely turn their sights toward the Hillsdale Shopping Center’s relatively new development. 

The Hillsdale Shopping Center debuted its Dining Terrace Nov. 17, 2018. Located on the second floor, the Dining Terrace houses restaurants and indoor and outdoor dining spaces, decorated with greenery and furnished with an array of seating options that all boast charging ports. The restaurants serve a range of cuisines, from ramen to jiggly Japanese cheesecake.

Uncle Tetsu 

Eating one of Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecakes is like napping on a fluffy, pale cloud—except the cloud dissolves in your mouth. Founded in Hakata, Japan, in 1985 by original “Uncle Tetsu” Tetsushi Mizokami, Uncle Tetsu’s unique take on a popular dessert has become a worldwide favorite that has finally arrived at Bay Meadows. 

Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecakes are both fluffy and jiggly, a perfect balance of textures.

Eugenia X. '21

Uncle Tetsu’s Japanese cheesecakes are said to combine the rich flavor of an American cheesecake with the fluffiness of a French soufflé. The cheesecakes’ signature “jiggle” have caught the attention of not only many a curious consumer, but also larger media corporations; even Buzzfeed’s food network, Tasty, has created their own version of the jiggly cheesecake recipe. 

Jiggle aside, Uncle Tetsu’s cheesecakes are also delicious. They’re incredibly light and airy, but somehow still retain the creaminess of a classic American cheesecake, so much so that a single person could easily devour a whole cake by themselves. 


Kuro-Obi is a ramen shop that focuses heavily on chicken ramen, though their menu does have a vegetarian option and a variety of side dishes, such as takoyaki (ball-shaped appetizer made of batter and cooked in a special molded pan, usually filled with minced octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger, and green onion).

The small white bowls, decorated with a drawing of the New York City skyline, contain absolute flavor bombs—even the broth of the vegetarian option is rich and full. The noodles are firm without being crunchy. Though the size of the order felt small, it was the perfect portion for me.