Students take to the Streets on Inauguration Day

Jan 23, 2017 | Beyond Nueva, News

To express their distaste for the Trump administration, a group of Nueva students banded together on Inauguration Day and took to the streets of San Francisco.

The group of a little more than ten students arrived right before sundown in Civic Center/UN Plaza BART Station, where they joined a rally of a few hundred protesters.

Members of the ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) Coalition spoke to the protesters. Presidential candidate Gloria La Riva gave a speech.

At a 6:15, the group of protesters began to move south down Market Street towards the Castro district. At the front of a group now numbering thousands, Nueva students marched alongside students from other schools, representative members of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, and other community organizers, chanting slogans such as “Hey hey! Ho ho! / Donald

Trump has got to go,” “Trump says go back / We say fight back!” and a number of others not suitable for print.

Nueva students appeared as members of the protest on a local news broadcast on ABC Channel 7.

“Donald Trump is an affront to our rights as human beings, and I wanted to fight that,” said Joseph Q., a Nueva student who attended the protest.

The protest made its way down Castro Street, east on 18th through the Mission, and finally north on Mission and Market back to the UN Plaza. The protest lasted three hours.

Protests continued January 20th, with the Women’s March bringing huge numbers of Nueva students down Market Street, and the #NoBanNoWall protest bringing another small group to demonstrate in Civic Center Plaza.

Donald Trump is an affront to our rights as human beings,
and I wanted to fight that.